Wed., 4/19/17: Locks/Chatter

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Wed., 4/19/17: Locks/Chatter Empty Wed., 4/19/17: Locks/Chatter

Post by OxyNite on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:09 pm

*********PLEASE READ************
Primary Board  (See "New Users Start Here: BOARD RULES" for complete rules)

This is an excerpt from the BOARD RULES:

- No personal attacks of ANY kind
- No 'calling out' individual cappers based on their picks or anything else.
-- It's your decision to use the information or not.
-- Respect everyone's opinions.
- No calling games EARLY (before they are OVER). This is bad karma.
- Go easy on the foul language; a little is OK, just don't over do it.
- Keep a "positive" attitude: as we like to say: win or lose it's all about being with the "family".
- No intentional over-the-top ribbing of another capper, with the intent to get their "ire" up.
-- This is ALL meant to keep with the positive, up-beat, encouraging atmosphere of our home
-- "Good-natured" banter on team matchups, etc., are acceptable so long as they stay positive, are "in fun" and are not excessive.
- No multiple IDs to 'build yourself up'. That's just wrong. When detected, all such IDs will be immediately banned.
- It is "assumed" that all plays you post, have your hard-earned $$ on them! No need to post how much, but understand that this assumption is important to the integrity of the board!
- No LATE posts... please get your plays in BEFORE the action begins. (Late picks benefit no one but YOU, and that's not what this board is about).

built into the board called "FRIENDS & FOES":

User Control Panel (upper left corner) -> Friends & Foe Tab.

Here you can list FRIENDS, and their posts will be HIGHLIGHTED. And FOES: and their posts will be invisible.

This is a feature you are all welcome to use in whatever manner you like! (I think you get my drift!!)


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